we buy old
silver & diamonds
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We pay top dollar for the scrap precious metals, as well your old diamonds.
We are most interested in single diamonds that weigh at least ½ carat or more. The diamonds we purchase are usually recut to AGS IDEAL specs, or re-polished and sent to AGS for a new and accurate diamond report. If you have a diamond lab report, it is very beneficial.

How we value and pay for your items
Carat Gold - We pay 70% refining rate based on current world gold prices.

Sterling Silver - Same method as carat gold.

Diamonds - one half of wholesale value.
We'll determine your diamond's 4 C's with you and login to IDEX for current pricing.

.999 Silver - one dollar under spot price.

.999 Gold - $50 under spot.