Jewelry Appraisals

Jewelry is recognized as transparent wealth. Seldom do we realize how inflation has impacted the current value of jewelry. That said, is your appraisal current and are you 100% covered? When you lose or damage a piece of jewelry, you lose something both valuable and sentimental.

With proper documentation, the piece can be restored or replaced.
Some insurance companies require appraisals be done every two years.
Check your policy to make sure you are properly insured. And remember,
gold has reached a record high in September 2009. There are many different
types of appraisals. The most common is for your insurer in case your
jewelry is lost or stolen (a retail replacement appraisal), and jewelry
is the 3rd most stolen item in the U.S. There are also appraisals for estate, divorce,
fair market value, conservatorship, barter, etc.

Getting your appraisal from a qualified professional makes a huge difference. In the following examples, one "appraiser" has a ring valued at $9,350 - but they were also the seller. That is considered highly unethical - appraising an item at a much higher value than what you sold it for, and does a tremendous disservice to the client. The second appraisal values the ring at $7000. Both make no mention of sales tax or includes the diamonds GIA lab report number. An accurate appraisal that reflects an honest market value is what an insurance company will pay for to replace depending on the policy, if there is ever a claim.

Erica's Appraisal Experience & Qualifications
10 years appraisal experience
Master Goldsmith / Platinumsmith / Silversmith
Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
Certified Gemologist (AGS)
Certified Gemologist Appraiser (AGS)
Full Member…National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA)
There are only approximately 400 CGA’s in North America and 80 of those are Goldsmiths, Erica is 1 of that 80.
Only 5% of retail jewelers are accepted as an AGS jeweler.

Difference Between Certifications and Appraisals
An appraisal is usually performed by a trained professional operating in an individual capacity and assigns a value to the jewelry. Unlike a report generated by the reputable GIA or AGS labs, which does not assign value, the appraisal is only as accurate as training, skills, and tools of the appraiser.

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