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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Measure My Ring Size?

For the most accurate ring size measurement please visit us in person at:
Sanchez Hawkins Fine Jewelers
2121 McCulloch Blvd N
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

If you can't visit us in person then download our Printable Ring Sizer Chart to help you measure your finger size using one of your existing rings, or string.

What If I Order The Wrong Ring Size?

Sanchez Hawkins Fine Jewelers offers free ring resizing for most rings within the first year of purchase. After the first year there is a resizing service charge which fluctuates depending if we have to resize up or down.

If the ring is the wrong size and it's not what you expected, you can simply return it within 30 days of purchase as indicated in our Return Policy.

Can Every Ring Be Resized?

No, not every ring can be resized. You will see the icon indicating a ring cannot be resized icon in the description of any ring whose size is locked and cannot be resized. The available ring sizes will be indicated for you to choose from.

There are several reasons a ring can't be resized.

Rings that have many small diamonds, or channel set diamonds cannot be resized. These rings include eternity rings and rings with pavé diamond settings. If a jeweler were to resize these types of rings the aesthetic of the ring would be lost. These rings need to be sent back to the manufacturer and replaced. The replacement ring will have the correct number of diamonds for the new size.

Rings with special finishes and ornate designs will be ruined if they are resized. These rings also need to be sent back to the manufacturer to be recast at the new size.

Rings made with alternative metals are too hard to resize. Keep in mind that the common alternative metals of tungsten, cobalt, and titanium are very strong. These metals can't be cut or resized and must be sent back to the manufacturer for replacement.

Keep in mind that any ring you exchange for a new size may cause the metal weight, total carat gemstone weight, total carat diamond weight, and the overall value of your ring to increase or decrease.