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How We Make Your Diamond Buying Experience Unique

What You Can Expect From A Sanchez-Hawkins Diamond Experience?

The Diamonds You Requested

To begin your diamond buying experience we will show 3 to 4 diamonds that were hand selected based on your specific requests. These diamonds are scanned with an OGI Scannox diamond scanner, which measures all the diamond's facet angles and areas. Our software provides estimated light return based upon these measurements. Next, we use the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET), to examine how much light is coming out from the diamond. This is the most advanced light performance grading tool in the industry today. It is exclusive to AGS members and measures both live and 3-D.

Focusing on the Diamond's Cut

Diamond Buying ExperienceHere at Sanchez-Hawkins Fine Jewelers we focus on cut because we feel it is the most confusing of the 4 C’s of Diamonds to understand. We know that those who are just learning about diamonds might think that a diamond graded Excellent by GIA is the same as an AGS Ideal Cut, but they are not and we'll explain why. After your first in-person sit-down with us you'll know a bit about the different diamond cut grades, the labs, Ideal vs. extra faceted diamonds. This short education will make you a much better informed diamond buyer than anything you could learn through an online diamond website. It took us years to learn everything we know from the world’s foremost authorities… cutters, lab directors, software designers, optical engineers, and from formal education at GIA. We are the local diamond authority for Lake Havasu City, AZ, Bullhead City, AZ, Kingman, AZ, Laughlin, NV, and Parker, AZ. Our appraisal lab also has the same technological equipment that diamond grading labs use, which means we can show you how the diamond grading actually works.

Choose A Diamond That Shines Brilliantly

The round brilliant that is cut to AGS IDEAL and displays a 100% Hearts and Arrows pattern, and the STAR 129 – slightly different in appearance – both extraordinary. They are undoubtedly the most brilliant. Both are as near perfect as a diamond can be. The STAR 129 is the brightest and most beautiful of all the proprietary-cut, branded diamonds and the science behind it backs that up. But we also love the “step-cut” diamonds. They look like clear water. And Marquise’s because they are long and beautiful.

Diamond Sourcing That Matters

The STAR 129 diamond is curated directly from our cutters in which are based in New York and are just incredibly bright and scintillating. For the AGS Ideal cut diamonds we source these from Philip Van Emminis. He was one the diamond cutters chosen by the American Gem Society to make their diamonds when developing the ASET technology.

Can You Guess the Best Way to Analyse a Diamond?

We can spend thousands on the best equipment to measure every shape, facit, dimention, color, and composition of a diamond, but at the end of the day the best tool to judge a diamond is you, and your own eyes. That's right, it doesn't matter what a piece of paper says, there's nothing else that sees and measures beauty like our God given eyes. The science gets us in the ball-park. The eye determines what is most beautiful.

That said, once you select the diamond that looks best to you, we use our fancy expensive equipment to take the scans and images of your diamond. We then create our own diamond certificate for you to have as a printed and digital copy. This is great for appraisals and important information for insurance companies. You will have a permanent “fingerprint” of your diamond from then on.

Are You Tempted to Buy a Diamond Online?

We love the convenience of online shopping. But, when it comes to buying diamonds and other fine jewelry, there's really nothing like seeing them in person. As we said above, you have to be the final judge of what you see and love before making that diamond purchase. It's your own eyes that will make the right choice, not some lab certification that makes claims of a diamond's perfections. Even professionals in the industry, when doing business with trusted associates and colleagues do not purchase anything they haven’t seen with their own eyes--which is exactly why we visit diamond dealers ourselves, or have them come to us with diamonds for our inspection before we show them to you.

We know that the allure of buying online might be to find the "best" diamond within your budget, but that "best" is only according to lab certificate that you see online, it's not actually the "best looking" diamond available within your budget. Let us do the shopping around for you and you'll surly get a better selection of diamonds that look a lot better than what you'd get online, and you'll still be within your budget.

Know Your Diamond Before Buying

The internet is filled with a wealth of diamond information. Videos, blogs, and social media will give you many diamond buying tips. We recommend learning all you can online but shop local from someone you can trust. Don't succumb to hi-pressure tactics from big box or chain stores that, in many cases, are out to sell you financing. When you buy from us here, at Sanchez-Hawkins Fine Jewelers, we will color grade your diamond with you, and point out your diamond's inclusions (if any) using our Leica Tri-nocular camera microscope. You'll just love seeing your diamond image projected on a 50” flat screen. We expose 100% of a diamond’s “secrets” to our guests. In the end, you know what you are buying.

The Sanchez-Hawkins Diamond Warranty

If we sell it – we stand behind it. 100%. If you lose a diamond due to a manufactures defect, we will replace the diamond. On pieces that have micropave diamonds (tiny ones), if a small diamond from a ring you purchased from us comes out, we will replace it no cost to you for a full two years. We are not responsible for normal wear and tear. We do not require a 6 month check-ups for this policy to be effective, however it is recommended to have your jewelry checked at least once a year.

The Sanchez-Hawkins Return Policy

15 days for a full refund. Jewelry must be never worn. After 15 days until 30 days, store credit will be issued. Custom jewelry is non-returnable, non-refundable.

Did You Want an Jewelry Appraisal With That?

We realize that online websites and other chain jewelry stores will give you an "appraisal" with their jewelry as part of their sales stratigy. As an AGS member, we know that it is unethical for a seller to do their own appraisal, and it's also unethical to use an appraisal as a sales tool. Instead of an appraisal, all Sanchez-Hawkins Fine Jewelers custom jewelry designs and engagement rings include what is referred to as a Statement of Replacement Document. This document serves as an appraisal to all insurance companies.

Would You Like A Few More Reasons to Visit Sanchez-Hawkins?

Besides saving you money, we will give you more value in the form of information for your own use.
  • We are completely transparent.
  • We never pressure anyone to buy from us.
  • We have a huge investment in education and technology.
  • We show – you decide.